The longest roof warranty you can get



The longest roof warranty you can get

A roof must last for a long time. A very long time.
A roof is also a high-cost investment, so you don’t want to spend money on a roof more than once in your lifetime. It would be a waste of money, right?
There are so many other pricey things you want or need to replace after a number of years, a car, for instance. But not a roof.
There are other things which you want to pay for regularly, holidays, for instance. But not for a roof.
You only want to spend money on a roof once.
You expect a new roof to deliver solutions to these needs of yours: 
·      it should protect my house for my whole life
·      it should look good on my house for my whole life
·      it should need virtually no maintenance
If your new roof fails to deliver on only one of these, you have wasted your money on it. And not a little money. Now you’re right to be asking:
Can I buy a roof, which meets all these needs of mine?
We know, you can get all these benefits under one roof!
Warranties from many other roofbrands protect your roof for only a few decades, we guarantee you those benefits for 50 years!
How can GERARD guarantee you an excellent roof for 50 years?
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How can GERARD guarantee you an excellent roof for 50 years?


With a GERARD roof you get all your expectations met for at least 50 years, guaranteed! Why are we so confident?
The longest roof warranty you can get

1 1st reason: Experience. For long enough

Having been in the roofing business for more than 60 years, we know that we can be! We’ve seen our roofs deliver on our promises for more than 6 decades. Not all manufacturers can back up their warranty with so much experience.

The longest roof warranty you can get

2 2nd reason: Protection. It is tested and trusted.

Even if climate change hits your home with extreme weather. How?
Every single GERARD roof tile is fastened with nails at 8 different spots.
One more secret: unlike many other roof types, GERARD tiles are fastened horizontally. Why is this important? A high wind blowing over the roof causes a difference in air pressure between the inside and outside of the roof. The stronger the wind, the higher the pressure differential. This results in ‘wind uplift’ that’s lethal for roofs with vertical fastening because the fastener can simply pull out. Concrete and clay tiles, for example, rely on the weight of each tile to hold them down and they are fitted with vertical fastening at the back of the tile. Long-term metal roofs are only fitted with vertical fasteners. With our unique horizontal fastening method, the pressure resulting from wind cannot lift our tiles, even a hurricane as strong as 160 km / hour. We know this because we tested it in our legendary Hurricane Test.

The longest roof warranty you can get

3 3rd reason: Beauty is natural at GERARD.

Each GERARD tile is covered with gorgeous natural stones. You cannot tell the difference between a clay/concrete roof or GERARD, they are that beautiful!
No worries, the stone chips are bonded to the tile with our very own GERARD SUPER GLUE, which our experts humbly call GERARD Base coat. It bonds the stone granules to the surface for the lifetime of the tile. What about UV radiation? Natural stones can cope with that and their colours will not fade.

The longest roof warranty you can get

4 4th reason: Virtually no maintenance is needed.

Have you ever seen people replacing clay or concrete tiles after a severe summer storm? Can you imagine what a headache that is if the building is tall? Not to mention the costs. You needn’t worry about this problem with GERARD! With our Extreme Fastening Technology each tile is fastened horizontally with 8 nails.
You may be thinking about aesthetic changes over the years like green growth. In certain locations all roof types (clay, concrete, metal, bitumen) are exposed to conditions that may accelerate or inhibit organic growth. To be honest, GERARD is no exception. But we have developed a solution to this problem. If your area is especially prone to organic growth, e.g. due to humidity or the proximity of trees, you can get rid of it with GERARD RoofGuard, a cleaning substance specifically developed for roofs by GERARD so that you don’t have to worry about this either!
Unfortunately not every roof meets your expectations or GERARD’s standards.

You may not know but traditional roofing solutions can let you down in surprising ways. Watch out before making a loss on a roof purchase.

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