As Beautiful as Clay yet Much Lighter and Stronger. Possible?


There are two problems with traditional clay and concrete roof tiles, though they do look beautiful:

1.Those traditional roofing materials and installation techniques can be too weak to withstand extreme weather. This is not reassuring, as we are experiencing climate change.

2.They can be too heavy for your roof structure. Building a strong roof structure can be expensive and make your re-roofing project more extensive than necessary.

Yet why do so many people choose them?
Because many strong light roofs on the market are not attractive.
Is there no other roofing solution, which combines the best of both worlds?
Yes, there is. We believe that GERARD can be the golden middle way.

GERARD provides an alternative contemporary roofing solution, which more and more people are choosing.


It is the stone chip coated metal roof.

We at GERARD make these kinds of innovative beautiful roofs.


How Is It Innovative Compared with Traditional Roof Types?

Is this just another marketing trick?

No. Not at GERARD.

We’ll tell you why we believe GERARD can offer you a special roofing solution:

Because of its unique combination of benefits offered by no other roofing type.
That is precisely why it is becoming increasingly popular.

What Are Those Unique Benefits You Will Not Find with Traditional Roofing Brands?

- Thanks to the gorgeous natural stone chip coating, GERARD is as beautiful as any roof you’ve ever seen. And it will stay that way for decades, since the colors of natural stone chips will not fade due to UV radiation.

- Thanks to its corrosion resistant aluminium-zinc body, it is so light (7 times lighter than clay!) and long-lasting, that your house will be a delight to own.

-Thanks to its unique installation technique with fastening at 8 points, it is so strong that it can even protect your home against hurricanes or extreme hail.

As Beautiful as Clay yet Much Lighter and Stronger. Possible?