2 Popular Roof Categories That May Surprisingly let you down

1. Clay & Concrete Roofs

Did you know that clay and concrete roofs may raise roof costs and may require more maintenance compared with GERARD?

  • These are very heavy roofing solutions. They can be 7-times (!) heavier than GERARD. This means you may spend less on the roofing tiles but the strong roof structure needed will increase expenses for you.
  • More maintenance is required in the long run if you decide on these traditional tiles. High winds can lift up the tiles, thus loosening them and increasing the danger for people walking underneath, or can even blow them off the roof. Then you need to deal with replacing them.
  • They can crack in freezing temperatures. This means they may be unable to prevent leakages on your roof and you will need to replace them.
  • They can be broken by extreme hail, which may become more frequent due to climate change. Roofs on a number of houses were destroyed in a hailstorm in the municipality of Crnomelj, Slovenia on 8th June 2018, where there were hailstones as big as apples (10 cm in diameter). GERARD roofs, however, were not penetrated.
2 Popular Roof Categories That May Surprisingly let you down


  • The colour of your roof can fade with time if it is only applied to the surface of the tile.


2. Long-run

Did you know that painted metal longrun roofs are much noisier than stonechip coated GERARD roofs?

  • Poor noise reduction is due to the painting and installation technique. As demonstrated on the graph below, GERARD is nearly as quiet as concrete tiles. Because of the textured stone chip coating and the special interlocking installation method.
2 Popular Roof Categories That May Surprisingly let you down


  • There is a risk of leakage due to the installation method used for the long term roofs, which are not interlocking like GERARD. This is also due to the fact that their dimensions can change with varying temperatures.



✓ GERARD is stronger and ligther than traditional clay or concrete roofs.

✓ GERARD is more beautiful, longer lasting and quieter than traditional bitumen shingle and long-term solutions.

✓ With GERARD you obtain one of the most modern and most efficient roofing solutions money can buy!


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