4 must-have product benefits for reroofing

Reroofing a house is an important and difficult decision. There is a wide range of different products and brands to choose from. It is also a complex project involving not only roofing tiles but accessories, layers and with a significant cost involved. Therefore reroofing certainly needs expertise and preparation. That is why we, at GERARD, decided to help you with some tips and tricks to make the right decision. All the advice are based on our more than 60 years of roofing experience.

4 must-have product benefits for reroofing


So here we go – what is the optimal approach when you want to reroof your house? What are the risks to avoid and benefits to consider?




  • Heavy reroofing options

Do not ignore the extra time and money spent on a new wooden roof structure for heavy concrete or clay tiles and their installation. Clay and concrete tiles can also break during transport or installation. During extreme weather like high winds and hail they may fail to protect your house. That is why we believe that traditional roofing heavyweights like clay and concrete tiles are not the best choice for reroofing.


  • Light-weight reroofing options

You can buy lightweight roof as well such as longrun and cheap asphalt shingle, which can save you money on the roof structure. Having said that, they don’t look as attractive as you may wish they would be. They may also fail to cope with the forces of nature in the long term for instance hail, high winds and storms. While GERARD can withstand all those it is even protected against UV radiation to ensure not only protection but also the attractive look of your roof for many decades.




  1. Lightweight

You may not even need to touch your current old roof.  Our modern roofing tiles are 7-times (!) lighter than traditional clay or concrete tiles.  In some cases new GERARD roof can even be directly installed on existing roofs. You can see a beautiful example of reroofing with GERARD on the illustrating image of this blog. But GERARD is not only light.


  1. Durable

That strong metal body can even protect your house for your grandchildren, no wonder a GERARD roof comes with 50 year warranty. How come metal tiles do not rust, you may ask. Because GERARD is protected with a corrosion-proof Aluminium-Zinc layer on both sides. GERARD is pleasing to the eye but make sense to the mind as well. A truly modern reroofing solution. Maybe the best? It is your call.


  1. Beautiful

Due to its natural stone coating, which comes from volcanos in New Zealand, GERARD roofs can be so attractive that you will not even believe that they have a strong metal body.


  1. Easy to install

Also, thanks to our lightweight and larger sized roofing tiles the roofers work faster and you enjoy your new roof earlier.


You can find lots of useful info on reroofing on our website.


See you next time!