4 ways to choose the right roof colour

Installing a new roof on your home is definitely an exciting time. And even if the ultimate purpose is the protection of your house, a new roof can completely change the look of your home, especially with a GERARD roof. There are several aspects you need to consider when choosing the color and style that will suit your home the best.

4 ways to choose the right roof colour

1. Colours should follow the style of the building

If your house is being built to reflect a certain architectural style, then choosing the traditional colour scheme associated with it will often be your best choice and will give you an overall look that is consistent and uniform throughout. If you’re wanting to achieve a more contemporary look to your home you need to pick different colours than what you would choose for a traditional or Mediterranean house. You can enhance or ruin the style of your house with the colour choice of your roof. What roof colours are the right ones for modern houses? Charcoal, black and dark grey roof colours go well with modern style houses depending on the colours of walls and windows, doors, of course. While red roofs are a good match with traditional and Mediterranean houses. Make sure you do not mix these up otherwise you may end up with a house which is not harmonious in its look.

2. Colours must be long lasting

All new product looks beautiful. OK, almost all. But we can certainly say that most of the roofing tiles of any manufacturer look great with exciting colour range and lovely colour shades. However, what is often overlooked: how long that beautiful new colour will last on the roof? You will need to enquire about the warranty of the product and also about the colour’s ‘shelf life’. There are roofing products, which cannot cope with the extremes of hot summers with UV radiation and cold winters with ice and hail. Only after 10 -15 years their beauty are fading and the roof needs replacement. With GERARD you buy a lasting beauty. Our natural, gorgeous stone chips are selected for durability to water, the sun’s UV rays and acid rain. Even after decades GERARD’s stone chip coated roofs look like new!

3. Local authorities’ permission

Unfortunately it is not always up to us which colour we choose for our roof. Ensure that you carefully check the building permit and pick a colour which is in line with local regulations. This way you can prevent fines and negative consequences. To be on the safe side make sure that the colour designing process is well communicated between your architect and local authorities.

4. Energy efficiency

With climate change this factor is playing a bigger role and still often gets overlooked for the sake of style. You will need to take this into consideration especially if you plan to turn the attic into a living space with bedrooms. Lighter colors will reflect the heat making the attic a better space to live in. While darker colours absorb the heat, increasing the temperature in the attic during long hot summers. The black shingles sheating was ten degrees warmer then the white ones, but there is very little difference for grays and browns.