6 good reasons why to trust GERARD ROOFS

You could say that 60 years is a nearly a lifetime. During six decades you can already enjoy your childhood, learn a lot, grow up, start a family, work a lot, have good days and bad days and maybe one can even have fun with grandchildren. GERARD turned 60 last year! So it’s more than 60 years, which we invested into developing a roofing product people can trust in any weather. This long time has helped us improving our products and continuously coming up with creative, innovative ideas. During this time we perfected in giving you 6 good reasons why GERARD roofs can be trusted when it comes to new roof or reroofing.

Why can you trust GERARD roofs? Here are our 6 reasons:

  1. GERARD is safe: Our 50 years warranty is backed up with our more than 60 years of experience and innovation.
  2. GERARD is beautiful: Stone coated GERARD roofs are much more beautiful for us than painted metal roofs and they can stay so for long decades no matter the weather.
  3. GERARD is strong: By fastening each tile with nails on 8 different points it stays in its place.
  4. We know that it can even protect your home against a hurricane.
  5. GERARD is low maintenance: No worries, metal roof will not break or fall off during storms.
  6. GERARD is ideal for reroofing: Light-weight, large panels makes reroofing fast and easy and it may even be installed on your existing old roof.
  7. GERARD is precise. Our trained GERARD roofers guarantee the fast and accurate installation.

With such a reliable roofing product it is no wonder that by today we became a big international family and the world leader in stonecoated metal roofing systems. Our range is extensive and stylish, offering seven attractive profiles and a wonderful selection of colours with a worry-proof background listed above. Now that you know why to trust us we are still not sure if all this information we’ll get you to go out with us for a beer, but we hope that this will at least make you want to know more about GERARD roofs.