Computer designed roofs

Since the 1980s, the computer has been a widely used tool in virtually all areas of human activity.

gerardroofs Initially, the computer was used for mathematically demanding calculations, but today it is applied to independently manage complex processes in various areas, i.e. traffic, production processes and control, etc. In architecture and construction, processes are automated by means of computer. No more time-consuming repetitive tasks like hatching, dimensioning, drawing up 2D plans, etc. Most of these processes are now automatic. The same applies for the designing of roofs. Contemporary BIM (building information model) programmes offer a broad command set for roof design. This enables the architect to be more creative and to design several variants within a short timeframe upon trying to figure out the optimal roof with regard to shape and function.

Basic roof

Standard CAD / BIM programme offers various standard roof types. Below we focus on the most common ones. Basic roof types can be combined in order to get more complex shapes. Combining is usually done automatically - this means that we determine the dominant roof type that remains intact when other roof types are added; nevertheless, roof types can remain equivalent by adding parts at different levels.


Flat roof

The flat roof has been quite popular in recent years, as it may be used for various activities. It can also be covered with greenery or transformed into a garden, where we can grow vegetables. However, it should be noted that a flat roof is more suitable in geographical areas with less rainfall.


Computer designed roofs


Gabled roof

The gabled roof is the most common and most widely used roof type in geographical areas with a higher amount of precipitation. The slope starts at approx. 15st. and ends at very large inclination angles, usually between 30 and 50st. In areas where snow accumulates over the course of the winter, it is necessary to install snow guards.


Computer designed roofs


Skillion roof

The skillion roof is the simplest and most economical type of roof with regard to the construction and the roof elements. No additional ridge covering is required; the gutter is installed only on one side of the roof. It is increasingly popular also due to cost-saving reasons. It is suitable for all geographical areas.


Computer designed roofs


Arched roof

A roof whose profile represents an arch of any radius but not more than half the width of the roof. This roof type is challenging in terms of construction and roofing. Commonly suitable roofings are bituminous membrane or folded sheet metal roofing, wooden shingles, etc.


Computer designed roofs


Profiled roof

This type of roof is determined by any side profile. As an addition, we can add any roof plan profile. This roof type is used mainly for industrial or public buildings. Conventional constructions are made of metal or glued wood.


Computer designed roofs



Let’s leave it to automatics. We make an automatic roof around any perimeter of the building. Once the roof is designed, we can change its shape through key points on the corners and the middle of the sides, or the slopes of individual roof surfaces, which can be completely eliminated. The roof is suitable for very complicated roof plans of buildings.


Computer designed roofs


Additional design

The roof can be reshaped with roof cut-outs or accessories and roof surfaces of any shape and slope. The programme enables us to preserve trees on site or incorporate them into architecture.


Computer designed roofs


Dormers and skylights

We can also add roof windows and dormers of various shapes, which can be parametrically changed and edited. Dormers enable us to increase the usability of attic space upon increasing the standing height; furthermore, dormers and skylights maximize natural light in a space.


Computer designed roofs


Editing /correcting

The roof plan, roof composition or slopes can be changed at any time. The best feature of quality programmes is that they enable editing of an already designed roof, which saves time. It is also important to note that by making changes to the roof, other roof-related objects, such as walls, are also adjusted.


Computer designed roofs


Roof constructions

We can automatically design wooden or metal roof structures on any surface or roof shape and obtain 2D plans of the entire structure or its individual parts. We can also draw up an inventory of elements and a cost list.


Computer designed roofs


List showing quantity - Roofing

Once the roof is designed, we can use various tools to create a list showing the roofing quantity and the quantity of necessary materials, accessories, etc. We can use online applications where we enter the basic data of the roof. We can directly import files with the data of the roof surfaces in specific programmes that automatically produce the list of roofing quantity.


Computer designed roofs

Online applications:




Today, photorealistic visualizations and animations are created in the initial, conceptual phase of each individual project. Moreover, we can make an interactive presentation, where we can seemingly walk in and around the building by means of smart glasses.


Computer designed roofs


Programmes used:

BricsCAD bim V22, as the basic platform
ACAD-BAU, as an architectural module for designing of roofs, roof surfaces and dormers Roof Constructions for designing roofing
3dsMAX for creating visualizations