Dreamroof: Stylish, Black And Stormproof

Would you like an elegant, black roof, which offers the best protection for your home against storms?

Dreamroof: Stylish, Black And Stormproof

Illustration: GERARD Eleganta - The dream roof for our ages


To play with words we can say, the black is the new black. We’ve observed in the roofing business that black is again in high demand even in those countries, where traditionally the red is the colour. Furthermore, the more simple the better when it comes to design. Today people appreciate the elegance of simple shapes. Finally, thinking that reliability will never go out of fashion, longlasting GERARD quality was added to the mix.

These two trends meet in the stormproof GERARD Eleganta, which was invented for our generation.

GERARD, the producer of light, durable and beautiful roofs invented in New Zealand more than 60 years ago, offers now this truly modern roofing tile besides classic, traditional and Mediterranean roofing profiles.

The 8-point-fastening system of GERARD roofs resists extreme highwind. The strong corrosion-resistant steel provides exceptional protection against hailstorms. These qualities satisfy today’s demand for a roof that is up for the challenge against the unpredictable weather extremes of climate change.

When you will see the unique 8-point-fastening installation (fastening horizontally each GERARD tile on 8 points with nails as illustrated below) then you will know that probably no wind will threaten the safety of your home.

Dreamroof: Stylish, Black And Stormproof

Beauty for the eyes, peace of mind for the heart. GERARD Eleganta.