Even hailstorm could not destroy this roof

With extreme rainstorms, high humidity, and hail becoming more common weather occurences of climate change, roof coverage has to withstand these conditions. The durability of GERARD roof coverage has been proven around the world.


8th June 2018, Črnomelj, Slovenia

The residents of this small town near the Croatian border did not know that extreme weather will make history in their lives on this day. A severe natural disaster was lurking behind the dark clouds to strike suddenly and eventually causing damage of biblical proportions.

The hailstorm brought hailstones of unseen size, 10 cm in diameter. The storm pummelled the buildings resulting in substantial damage in 1700 private homes and non-residential buildings, many of which were destroyed.


A view from a GERARD roof after the hailstorm in Črnomelj

Even hailstorm could not destroy this roof


As seen on the photo above in the midst of damaged roofs this GERARD roof remained intact. Every homeowner wants to ensure to prevent such a disaster and own a hailstrom-proof roof.


Which roof is best against hailstorms?

First, material is key. Ceramic and clay roofing tiles can be damaged and broken by large hailstones. The strength of steel, however, will not surrender to this natural enemy. Its hard surface, especially when covered with stonechips, like GERARD roof, will resist and can prevail in this battle easily.

Even hailstorm could not destroy this roof

Photo: Anja Klemenčič, Slovenia, idokep.hu


Second, hailstorms usually arrive with high winds, which can tear off the traditional roofing tiles resulting in maintenance costs and the rain or hail penetrating your roof and damaging your home. To defend efficiently against it you will need a special installation, which is part of the normal installation in case of GERARD roof, that will not let the roofing tiles move their positions so easily. The unique 8-point-fastening technique of GERARD roofs serves exactly that purpose. Every single roofing tile is fixed to the roof battens on 8 diiferent points with nails or fasteners, which ensures that your roof stays in place when you would rely on it the most.


Illustration of installation techniques of GERARD and other roofing solutions

Even hailstorm could not destroy this roof


According to our tests and experience from GERARD roof owners around the world our roofing solution can protect houses even from a hurricane of up to 160 km/h and keep homes safe and dry.

Hailstorms can terrify most roofs but not a GERARD roof.