Gerard Eleganta Roof Tiles (Architect’S Opinion)

Gerard Eleganta Roof Tiles (Architect’S Opinion)


When designing a building, the roof plays a vital part, along with the roofing. There are many factors impacting the selection of the roof type and the roofing. Among those are the climatic conditions, the micro-location and the orientation of the building.


Compatibility of the building with the environment

We all know that our predecessors used the materials from the immediate surroundings of the building back in the day. They were also practical and applied optimal solutions that were high quality and cheap. This contributed to the compatibility of the building with the environment.

Today, architects are still focussed on using traditional or modern roofing materials that match the look of the old ones and whose quality even surpasses them as the focus has shifted to preserving the cultural heritage and traditions along with an increased awareness of the authorities.


What are modern roofing materials like?

Their appearance can come very close to the structure and look of e.g. stone, clay, wood, etc. Modern metal roofing materials allow for a variety of forms. At the same time, they are more durable and weather-resistant. They are also increasingly more resistant to the influences of the atmosphere, whose chemical composition is becoming more and more adverse.


Gerard Eleganta Roof Tiles (Architect’S Opinion)


As already mentioned, architects are not only interested in aesthetics, but also quality. This can be reflected on several levels, such as how simple and quick the installation is, how well it protects against various weather conditions, and what physical properties it provides. These are more apparent later during use, such as how well it suppresses the noise coming from precipitation, etc.

At a time when BIM (Building Information Modeling) is gaining importance, time has become crucial when designing buildings. Very important features are also the service life and durability of construction materials since they impact the price and environmental sustainability.


A roof must protect against extreme weather

A roof is like a shield that protects us from the weather, especially precipitation. You do not want to have water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink. This is why we need to give some thought to extreme weather, such as hail, wind and snow, but also heat and cold when choosing the roofing type, roof pitch and the width of the eaves.


Gerard Eleganta Roof Tiles (Architect’S Opinion)


Modern roofing also “works well” with solar panels

We should not forget another aspect of modern roofing. This is the possibility of installing solar panels, either for hot water or power production. After all, as time progresses, we must too. Even though it is important to respect and apply the knowledge gathered in the past, we also shall and must add some of our own knowledge for future generations. New technologies and rapid scientific development in all fields make it possible.


Gerard Eleganta Roof Tiles (Architect’S Opinion)


GERARD Eleganta roof tiles boast all those features, from their appearance to their usefulness. They go well with traditional structures and modern ones with a roof pitch exceeding 15 degrees. Each roof tile is light (7 kg/m2) and durable, which at the same time means it is very solid, but also elastic and thus even suitable for the installation of photovoltaic panel brackets.


What are the advantages of GERARD Eleganta?


Gerard Eleganta Roof Tiles (Architect’S Opinion)


The stability of a GERARD Eleganta layer is without comparison in the metal roofing industry

The incredible weather and corrosion resistance was achieved with zinc-aluminium-magnesium coated steel sheet metal (250 g/m2), which provides perfect corrosion protection for the steel core.

The combination of 93.5 % zinc, 3.5 % aluminium, and 3 % magnesium makes for a very stable layer that is without comparison in the metal roofing industry. The surface coating of the roof tiles is carefully selected stone chips for an attractive texture that also increases UV stability. The stone chips are coloured with a special heat processing technology. The colour layer is composed of a mineral binder and pigments.


Gerard Eleganta Roof Tiles (Architect’S Opinion)


The roof tiles are dried at a high temperature, which ensures the long-lasting safety of your roof. Before the final drying, we also apply a transparent acrylic protective layer, which additionally reinforces the stone chips while also giving the roof tiles an attractive shiny appearance. Everything together provides durability under even the most demanding conditions all over the world.

More about GERARD Eleganta (technical data, prices, colours, advantages, accessories…) can be found here >>.


Gerard Eleganta Roof Tiles (Architect’S Opinion)


Architect’s opinion


Tomaž Križnar, u.d.i.a. (Arhinova d.o.o.) says:

“My family home has been equipped with a GERARD roof for over 20 years. I am extremely happy with it. The roof “works” as it should and doesn’t require any maintenance. Its relatively low pitch of 20 degrees has sustained every weather imaginable, even the most extreme, such as walnut-sized hail, a lot of snow and wind gusts of 80–100 km/h.”



We believe that GERARD Eleganta with its technical specifications, as well as its modern and durable design, can meet any (even the strictest) requirements of modern architects, regardless of whether they are placed on a classical or a complex building.

They can be used on new structures or for the renovation of existing roofs – regardless of the terrain or location. To conclude the advantages, there is a 50-year-warranty that no other roofing provider on the market offers.