GERARD® makes sure the sky doesn’t fall on your head

Nature has shown its teeth a few times over the last couple of months. We’ve witnessed storms that have torn the sky apart and caused rivers to flood, extreme high winds that have uprooted entire trees and knocked off roof tiles, and increasingly frequent hailstorms.

Considering the warnings from scientists and environmentalist activism, we shouldn’t be surprised or turn a blind eye to climate change.

Of course as individuals, we can’t reverse the trend of global warming and extreme weather overnight, but one by one we can take small steps toward increasing safety under our roofs, and by doing so we can help make the world a better and more sustainable place.

GERARD® makes sure the sky doesn’t fall on your head



There are special roofing materials, especially equipped to protect even against hailstones of extreme size. GERARD® produces strong, corrosion-resistant steel tiles coated with natural stone chips. Steel and stone form an ideal combination when it comes to hail, because it cannot be broken or penetrated.

An unpleasant weather condition occurs through the formation of crystals on the top of cumulonimbus clouds, and condensation which forms supercooled water drops that stick to the crystals and freeze in layers, producing a snowball dressed in ice.

When the hailstones reach a certain weight, they fall rapidly to the ground, thus causing damage.

GERARD® tiles are resistant to damage from hailstones up to 30 mm, but even a 90 mm hailstone can’t penetrate them. So your property and your life will be protected and perfectly safe.


But GERARD® stonecoating also has other benefits:

  • the natural stones give your roof water, UV and acid rain resistance,
  • special durable colours have been to shine for decades.




The stone chip coating also muffles sound — whatever happens above your roof, heavy showers, high winds or hailstones, you’ll enjoy more peace and quiet under this roof compared with other metal roofs.

Due to a unique horizontal installation system with eight nails per tile, our roofs are resistant to strong winds. In areas subject to extremely high winds, our roofers take care to fasten tiles more tightly on exposed edges to make them even more resistant.

These are not just promises. We firmly believe in GERARD® solutions and even provide you with a 50-year guarantee — and as we created our first tile in 1957, you can believe in us too.

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