Protection against snow slide hazards

Winter means not only white Christmas, when we are lucky, and having fun on the skislopes. It can be dangerous due to the accumulated snow and ice on roofs, which can easily slide off. It is the responsibility and in the interest of the building owner to take safety measures. What to do to minimize snow slide hazards?

Protection against snow slide hazards


In mountainous areas it is of paramount importance to handle safely the massive amounts of snow on roofs. Many homeowners do not know that it depends largely on the type of roof. Therefore, at the stage of choosing the roofing material, we should be aware that we can increase winter protection on our roof by simply choosing the right material.


Roof materials and snow

Owners of ceramic and concrete roofs, on which the frozen masses of precipitation can easily slide down, face challenges to ensure safety. There is a real hazard around the building not only for people but for vehicles, garden objects and other personal properties, which can be exposed to damage by snow slides. Therefore, they have to buy snow stops or snow guards to prevent the snow on the roof from moving. They not only cost money but – it is a matter of personal taste, of course – they do not look good on roofs during the rest of the year.


There is an alternative solution

Metal roofs are not only powder coated (painted) but there is an increasing demand for the revolutionary stone coating on corrosion-resistant metal roof tiles. A unique Aluminium-Zinc alloy looks after the protection against rust and the stone granules in a wide range of colours ensure gorgeous appearance. Due to the stone coating some people cannot even tell the difference between them and clay roofs! But these types of metal roofs, like GERARD too, do not only look great. They are so strong that ice or hail cannot break or damage them. Finally they also offer an unexpected benefit, which increases the safety of the roof in winter:


The rough surface of stone coating can stop snow slides.

The tiny stone granules provide a natural barrier and hold the snow on roof in place until it melts. With a GERARD roof on your house you do not need to worry about snow slides and do not need to look after SNOW HAZARD signs around your house. Last but not least you do not need to spend your money on snow stops or snow guards. And you can enjoy the view of your beautiful roof before and after winter without those …. well, not so handsome snow stops.