Reroofing Step by Step

Reroofing can be a must. If your roof leaks then it can no longer meet the requirements of a safe building. The investment into your house becomes inevitable. Therefore we started a blog series of articles, which covers every single aspect of roof renovation. The first article looks at the big picture.

Reroofing Step by Step

A watertight roof is one of the first condition of a safe home for a family.


What is the process of replacing your old roof?


If you follow our advise below – and the rest of our blog series – you will not miss any piece of the puzzle and you will manage this project like a pro.

Talking about professionals, this is where you will need to start.


1. Do not rely on your chance, trust professionals!

You may be tempted to think that you will do it yourself or with your spouse  to cut the costs („My husband is a DIY lad anyway”). On the contrary, a roofing expert can save you oceans of time and a ton of money. If you do it, do it in the proper way! Nothing is more frustrating the fixing something again.

You may be aware of this but you are still scratching your head asking „OK, but where can I find a reliable roofer?” We have prepared 2 tools for customers like you:

  • A partner map
  • A partner list

You can find them both on the GERARD website. Those roofers are not employed by GERARD but these independent cotractors are trained by us and specialised in light-weigth, stormproof GERARD installation.


2. The assessment of the roofer: the state of the roof and the cost of reroofing

When the expert will visit you, he will examine the condition of your roof and may notice details and opportunities, which you won’t. For instance, he could find that your roof framing is in such a good state that good quality light-weight roof tiles can be installed straight on your exisitng old roof by only adding new battens. You’ve already gained time and money! You will miss this chance by choosing heavy, traditional clay or concrete tiles.

Finally, he can estimate the cost of the work or even prepare a detailed quote of the reroofing.


3. Timing is key

Good news for house owners today that in the current economic climate roofers have less newbuilds to work on and therefore they become available faster. No more worries about a year-long waiting list!

Consequently, it is also easier to define the right date of the start, which obviously depends on the weather, to avoid wet seasons. You may still need a bit of flexiblity though regarding the exact timing of reroofing. After you agreed on the quote, a deposit of 50% is expected. As far as the time of reroofing concerned using light and larger GERAD roof tiles it can be finished within a working week.


4. The specific steps of the reroofing project

Finally, we guide you through the whole process of roof renovation.

  • First, roofers need prepare your house for safe traffic needed for working at hights. A scaffolding will be erected.
  • If needed, current roofing material will be removed, however, if you are lucky you don’t even need to do that but get your brand new GERARD roof installed straight onto it. Your GERARD roofing expert will advise you in this matter.
  • It comes to assessing roof sub-structure, getting roof surface ready for the work and installing new roofing battens if needed.
  • Finally, brand new roofing tiles will appear on your roof, making you the happy person on the planet! All the compatible accessories will be installed e.g. hips, ridges, flashings etc.
  • „After-party”: roofers make sure that your place is clean and tidy and give a final inspection tot he finished roof
  • Pay-day: Any remaining payment is to be paid and you can apply for your GERARD warranty online, fast and simple to enjoy the 50-year weatherproof warranty.



Jože Trpin
Technical Coordinator, Europe
GERARD Roofing Systems