Stormproof, low-maintenance roofs are more important than ever

The storm-season has started.

Stormproof, low-maintenance roofs are more important than ever


Sudden heavy rain, high wind and hailstorms are frequent part of the news these days. The consequences are leaking roofs, damaged homes, and people in urgent need for roofers to fix their roofs before the next storm. On top of all this, roofers are difficult to get hold of recently. And even if you find one in time, repair costs come with a high price tag.

Not to mention large buildings, block of flats, when the repair work can get even more complicated. The height of the building, the ownership and responsibility issues can make it a messy issue. The best would be to avoid this all together, right?


How can we avoid roof repairs after storms hit our homes?


By choosing a stormproof, low-maintenance roof. Easier said, then done. Why?

Because the traditional roofing solutions, which are the most common roofs out there, can be in trouble when they need to cope with extreme weather conditions. Heavy clay and concrete rooftiles can be broken by hailstones and removed from their place by high wind. So can light roofs like asphalt shingles, which can get damaged by weathering so much that it may need roof replacement after as little as 10 years. 

If these common rooftypes may fail during fierce weather conditions, what roof can provide reliable protection for our homes regardless of the weather?


There is stormproof roof you may have never heard of

A roof does not necessarily fail against storms or need complete reroofing after a short decade. There are good quality roofs that can last 2-3 decades. What’s more there is a special roof that comes with 50 years warranty. There are more brands that can do that for you. But there is not many, which spares you the roof repair headaches after storms. You will not need to worry about finding the roofer in time, to avoid the next heavy rain and finding the right colour for replacement. No more broken or fallen tile replacements!

There is a special roof, which does not need repairs at all because they withstand high wind or hailstroms without damage. Corrosion-resistant metal roofs beautifully covered with natural stones can do the job for you. GERARD happens to make those unique roofing solutions. Strong metal provides you with the best protection for your home against hailstones. Unique, horizontal fixing technique used for GERAD roofs can be hurricane proof because each roof tile is fastened with 8 strong nails or fasteners to your roof.

This roofing system ensures waterproof roof regardless of rainfall intensity. GERARD tiles are shaped, cut or formed to suit each individual roof design and can easily accommodate accessories such as roof windows, vents and tubes. The shortcoming of other materials are first shown with roof accessories. Not with GERARD.

The search is over. GERARD presents you the stormproof, low-maintenance roof.

No more worries about the storm seasons.