Summerstorm-proof roof?

The warmth of Summer will be welcomed by many; however, it will come with an increased risk for severe weather and strong winds in some parts of Europe. Climate change is bringin more and more summer storms and this may damage your roof.

Wind uplift happens when pressure below a roofing system is higher than that which is above it. As wind passes over the roof, the pressure above the roofing system drops, while the pressure below is increased through holes and entry points. Like an airplane wing upon take-off, this effect draws the roofing panel upwards, possibly damaging or tearing the roof.

But needless to worry under GERARD roofs . A 160 km/h hurricane can come your way but our extreme weather resistant roofs could resist even that! According to our hurricane test and reports from around the world it surely can! Why is GERARD so uniquely strong? Because the wind shield is virtually eliminated with the unique, horizontal fixing system, each panel being horizontally fastened at 8 different points with strong fasteners or nails to roof battens. Most other roofing products relay on vertical fixing methods that are prone to lifting in high winds.

Being clever about the shape and fixing system of your roof can help keep the extreme winds from being able to catch your roof and blow it off. No matter how strong winds climate change will through upon your GERARD roof it will protect your roof and your home!

Summerstorm-proof roof?
Mr. G

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