The good and bad side of reroofing

You know the game. Do you want me to go first with the bad news or the good news? OK, so you’ve chosen the bad news.

The good and bad side of reroofing


After reroofing. The new roof of this Polish inn is GERARD Corona.


The bad news of reroofing is that the need for it can come sooner than expected. Much sooner. There are certain roofing solutions, which simply do not last long. The cheap and poor quality brands of asphalt shingles for instance or certain wooden shake can even fail shortly after a decade. After 10 years you have to invest heavily into something you wanted to do only once in your lifetime. This is really bad news. Therefore we must carefully consider right from day 1 of our house planning process, which roofing tile and brand we will buy. It is a long-term decision involving a significant amount of money therefore do not let cheap price tag lure you into something, which later you will regret.

Let’s be specific here.

The good and bad side of reroofing


This inn looks peaceful and beautiful now from the back as well, but it was not always like that.


In Poland, one of our partners undertook to replace a 9 year old roof (yes, you read it well a NINE year old roof). It was covered with aspen chip, a specific type of wooden shingle. Understandably, the owner of the building, which serves as an inn (see the illustrating photos), wanted to replace the roof with something much more durable. On the same note, he was keen on the look of the wooden shingles, which added some charm to his hotel. That was the reason that he was happy to find GERARD Corona with 50-year weatherproof warranty and with a captivating beauty of a wooden shake look-alike.


And that is the good news part. Reroofing can be a beautiful sequel of your roofing story. GERARD offers you reroofing benefits like – probably – no other roofing brand can:

- thanks to the corrosion-proof steel core it is so light that in some cases it can be installed onto your existing roof with just a few new battens.

- besides its light weight, thanks to the strength of steel and the unique 8-point, horizontal fastening technique it is weather-proof for 50 years, guaranteed. It’s no empty promise because it is backed up with the 60+ years of manufacturing experience of GERARD.

- thanks to the natural stone coating it looks as beautiful as a clay roof


Do you know what is good side of reroofing in one word?