The secret ingredient of GERARD’s beauty: natural stone chips

The secret sauce of GERARD’s beauty: natural stone chips


We all love what is natural.

Our dream was to develop a strong, light roof which has a natural appearance.
At GERARD, these special roofs, which are coated with natural stone chips, are available to you.
Natural also means good for the environment:
GERARD steel tiles are 100% recyclable.


The Stone Takes 7 Steps from their natural environment to Your Roof:

1. The chip granules are selected for their hardness and their resistance to water, UV and acid rain. They provide both an attractive appearance and protection for the tile.

The secret sauce of GERARD’s beauty: natural stone chips

2. The stone granules are crushed to meet size specifications, to make sure those natural stones look the best on your roof.

The secret sauce of GERARD’s beauty: natural stone chips


3. If the natural colours of the rock appeal to us, we retain them and trust you will like them too.

4. When we need to add more colours so that you can find the best match for your house, coloured granules are produced from the crushing of an opaque silico-aluminous metamorphic rock. The coloration layer on the base particle is a hard coating based on mineral binder and mineral pigments cured at app. 500 ˚ C. It provides long lasting performance for the ageing on the roof. Carefully selected heat resistant and UV stable pigments possess attractive colours and offer colourfast coating system.

The secret sauce of GERARD’s beauty: natural stone chips


5. After the colour is selected and the stone chips are sized, they are applied in such a way as to ensure excellent coverage over the whole surface of the tile. This complete, even coverage is a feature carefully monitored by our well trained inspectors and operators.

6. Finally, a gorgeous protective layer puts the crown on every single GERARD tile: the overglaze. This is a clear coat that has been developed to provide a robust surface which is resistant to weather extremes, also minimising damage during installation.
Whilst the chips are available in an attractive range of colours, they are virtually all matt in appearance. Furthermore, though the chips are well bonded to the tile by the base coat, this continues to harden for up to six months after manufacture.

The acrylic overglaze applied to the final coat of the tile improves both of these factors.The tough, thin film flows between the chips onto the base coat, and dries to give a clear “water wet” gloss to the chips.

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