What shall I check on my roof during winter?

Maybe it is not the first thing that comes to mind when you think of winter but it is worth inspecting your roof this time of the year as well. For a contractor assessment it may be the best time since there are more contractors available compared to other seasons when they are busy building and installing roofs. We can prevent pricey repair works if we don’t let roofing conditions deteriorate but have a closer look early. Especially if you purchase a house it is vital to do that in the cold season when things get worse on the top of your house with the ice and snow testing the protection of your home.


1. Search for any leakages under your roof

Your house may be covered by snow therefore exterior visual inspection may not make much sense but you can always have a look inside. In the attic look for wet spots, yellow or brown stains on the ceiling! If there are any, the reason must be a leak on the roof. GERARD roofs offer excellent protection against leakages thanks to the interlocking system of the corrosion resistant metal tiles and the underlay applied underneath. Metal roofing can make it less likely, virtually impossible if installed by trained GERARD roofers. The attention to details in the design of every single GERARD tile serves that purpose as well such as the upward bending roof edges, which prevent any leakage of snow water or snowfall underneath the roof coverage. It is of paramount importance since the roof edges are the most critical element on a roof in terms of water tightness and penetration prevention.


2. Ice and snow are not only fun but they can mean danger

If a roof is properly built even an unusual amount of snow should be easy to deal with. However, to protect people and property around the house snowguards or snow stops have to be installed to prevent snow slides. With GERARD tiles you do not even have to have snowguards since the rough surface of the stonecoating can safely keep the snow in its place until it melts.

What shall I check on my roof during winter?


A safe GERARD roof with snow but without snow guards


Ice dams are formed when warm air from inside of the house melts snow on the roof. In case, ice dams were discovered during your winter roof assessment you will know that adequately thermal insulation need to be added to prevent the formation of ice dams and the possibility of condensation. The ice dam can cause damage of the gutters when large amount of snow accumulates in the gutters.


3. Even a small damage may increase the risk of leakages 

You need to look for damages regarding individual tiles and see if there are small cracks or a tile was removed from its place. A panel can be loose or the gutter may need to be emptied to prevent damages and extra weight during winter.

With GERARD roof it is less likely that you will face the before mentioned problems on your roof. Steel roof will not crack like concrete or clay tiles do. With the 8-point-fastening system, when every single GERARD tile is nailed hard to the roof battens, it is impossible that a roof tile will be out of place. It can even resist a 160 km/h hurricane. We may even dare to say that with a GERARD roof you may even spare yourself the whole procedure of roof inspections in winter.