GERARD Diamant in Charcoal colour protecting the attic


There are normal houses, shall we say average? Then there are different houses, or shall we call them special?

They are special because, for instance, those buildings are exposed to a special environment that is more extreme than what normal houses need to cope with. They can be in the mountains or on the seaside facing stronger winds, heavier snowload or more rain.

They can be different due to their structure as well. They may have a pitch lower than the average houses are designed with. Or they may have more complicated roofing requirements. These special houses need special roofing solutions.

Do you need a special roofing solution as well?

GERARD may be the answer for your questions.



When you turn the attic into a residential area noise protection becomes a crucial factor. You may need a light roof but you want silent nights as well. Since GERARD is a steel roofing tile it is light but thanks to its textured, natural stone coating it reduces the noise of rain on the roof. Furthermore the interlocking system, where tiles are overlapping each other, also limits the transmission of sound.

A proud GERARD owner who lives in the attic shared his experience with us:

“The benefit of GERARD compared with other lightweight roofs is that due to the stone coating, noise protection is much better and it also looks very attractive! Noise protection was vital for us since we live in the attic and did not want to suffer from a noisy roof. We have already had lots of visitors who wanted to see the new roof and it blew their minds, to be honest.” Mr Zoltán Sebestyén, Érd, Hungary



Some houses were built with a pretty low slope, and not many rooftile can installed on them. It requires special roofing solution designed for low pitch. GERARD® tiles are often applied on roofs with a low slope. The technical minimum slope is limited to 16% (9°). For technical approval, however, the limit is 21% (12°), depending on the model. Roof lengths may be up to 20 metres.

The shape of the tiles and the pressing technology ensure that they are watertight both transversely and longitudinally. The system of small panels fastened with staggered joints creates the watertight seal needed on low-pitch roofs. GERARD® metal tiles are raised at the edges, which creates a perfect seal even in strong winds.



Mountains can be beautiful but demanding as well as far as roofs are concerned. Not only beauty but challenges abound when we plan our house in this special environment. Wooden shake roofs are widely common in mountainous areas but cannot provide a safe roof on the long term. Not only against high winds but against hail and not to mention fire hazards wooden roofs are specially prone to.

GERARD has developed a profile especially for these houses: GERARD CORONA.

Its appearance is as captivating as a traditional wooden shake but comes with 50 years warranty, which speaks volumes about its safety and durability. Since it is made of corrosion resistant, strong steel and it is installed horizontally and every single tile is fastened at 8 different points few other roof brand can protect you home in the mountains as reliable as a GERARD CORONA roof.

Furthermore, the lightweight roof tiles are easy to transport to sites where access is difficult and they won’t break during the journey.

Finally, the attractive appearance of a GERARD® roofs is not ruined with snow stops. The granules of the natural stone coating serve the same function as snow stops. During the thaw, the melt-water drains away under the snow through the stone granules. The snow melts while remaining on the roof.

Do you have a special house?

We have a special roof.