GERARD is extreme weather resistant. Does that sound reassuring?

The GERARD’s Roofing System is designed to withstand just about anything climate change may do to your home.



Extreme Weather Resistance (Weatheproof benefits)

When you want a roof that΄s secure in high winds


Did you know that wind uplift is the primary cause of roof failure?

If high winds can damage your roof, it will become exposed to leaks. Then it’s game over. Many roofs fall victim to this as their old installation technology is unable to withstand wind uplift (see illustration).

That is the reason why GERARD has developed extreme wind resistant installation technology. Gerard Roofs lightweight steel tiles are nailed to the roof structure with multiple fasteners, predominantly at 90˚ to wind-lift forces, making them highly secure in strong winds. Significant numbers of clay or concrete tiles are not fixed directly to the roof framework. Because Gerard Roofs interlocking steel tiles are fixed horizontally, each with eight separate fasteners, Gerard roofs are more secure in high winds than vertically fixed alternatives.

The unique, horizontal fastening system of GERARD

Gerard tiles installed with 4 nails spaced at every second tile module (pan) and one at the side lap have been tested to withstand wind loads of  -3.8 kPa. The calculation for a basic velocity of v=25m/s (90km/h) gives results which show  the most critical areas on a roof where the suction equals -1.004 kPa. The arrangement for fastening tiles with 4 nails as shown in the instructions is appropriate.

If calculations are done for increased wind loads, GERARD has a solution that has been tested up to -10.3 kPa for areas subject to cyclonic storms with regional wind speeds of up to 70 m/s (252 km/h).

We have heard stories from all over the world where GERARD roofs have protected homes against very strong winds, even hurricanes.

If you don’t want to worry about high winds any more.

Choose GERARD!

Extreme Weather Resistance (Weatheproof benefits)


Gerard roof tiles are resistant to hailstones up to 30 mm in size.

Extreme changes in our climate may result in huge hailstones causing damage to roofs. But not worry-proof GERARD roofs! Our roofing system is resistant to damage from hailstones of up to 30 mm. Even a massive hailstone as large as 90 mm cannot penetrate a GERARD roof, thus leaving the roof’s weather security intact.


Furthermore, a potential lifesaver is built into every single GERARD profile by means of its stone chip coating. The rough texture does not allow snow to slide but holds it in place until it melts naturally and harmlessly. GERARD can withstand snow loading and the surface coating is not degraded when exposed to ice or frost!


Winter, ice and snow? It’s fun with a worry-proof GERARD roof!

And your roof even looks better without those ugly snow stops!


Ask our roofers if they have ever had to fix a GERARD roof damaged by hail.

Extreme Weather Resistance (Weatheproof benefits)


A house on fire is better protected with GERARD.

A house on fire can collapse under a heavy roof, but this is less likely under a GERARD lightweight, pressed metal roof! The GERARD roofing system is resistant to fire as the incombustible steel substrate and surface coating even prevent the flames from spreading. With every tile being securely fastened at eight points, there is little chance of the roof collapsing and it will not allow sparks to penetrate through into the house. As a result, GERARD roofs have passed stringent international fire tests.

Extreme Weather Resistance (Weatheproof benefits)


Being 7 times lighter than concrete or clay roof tiles, extreme weather resistant roof tiles can even withstand minor earthquakes. There are documented instances of homes with other, heavyweight roofing products collapsing while GERARD roofs in the same street remained intact and with minimal damage. Weakened walls can only cope with a lightweight roof, and interlocking tiles result in a strong roof.