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Hurricane? Snow or hail? Even in extreme weather you will not need to worry with Gerard Milano! Your house will be well protected thanks to GERARD lightweight interlocking tiles and the unique fastening system. The beautiful Mediterranean look without snow stops is an added bonus! Ask your closest dealer about your worryproof roof!


GERARD® Milano
Length of Tile
1335 mm
Length of Cover
1215 mm
Width of Cover
369 mm
Minimum Pitch
12° (21.00%)
Net Weight/Tile
3.02 kg


Which roof colour would fit your house the most?

Charcoal Charcoal
Chestnut Chestnut
Rosso Rosso
Redwood Redwood
Patina Rosso Patina Rosso
Cedar Cedar
Spanish red Spanish red
Pepper Pepper
Burgundy Burgundy
Tuscany Tuscany
Dark Silver Dark Silver
Rustique Rustique

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GERARD Milano benefits

Mediterranean is the new black. Always in fashion. GERARD Milano, however, is the dark horse of the Mediterranean type of roofing solutions: like all GERARD profiles it is strong like no other, withstanding even hurricanes. Not your everyday Mediterranean clay tile, right? How is this possible? It is fastened to your roof with nails at 8 different points. No high wind will damage your roof. Nor will rust. It’s Aluminium-Zinc layer protects your gorgeous volcanic stone-coated tile against corrosion. No wonder it’s guaranteed for 50 years. Nothing will stop you from enjoying la dolce vita for decades to come.

Lightweight & Earthquake resistant

Lightweight & Earthquake resistant

Save money by installing GERARD’s lightweight roof tiles on your house! Substantial savings can be achieved in structural costs.

Wind & Storm resistant

Wind & Storm resistant

Hurricanes are more likely these days but needless to worry under GERARD. 160 km/h hurricane can come your way but GERARD extreme weather resistant roofs could resist even that!

Snow and Ice resistant

Snow and Ice resistant

A potential life saver is built into every single GERARD profile through the stone chip coating. Its rough texture will not allow snow slides but holds snow in place.

Fire resistant

Fire resistant

A house on fire can collapse under a heavy roof, but less likely under GERARD’s lightweight, pressed metal roof! GERARD roofing system is resistant to fire.

Noise resistant

Noise resistant

A GERARD roof is excellent in comparison to other steel roofing products. The reduced noise impact is the result of our textured, stone chip coated finish and the interlocking system.

Hail resistant

Hail resistant

Extreme changes in our climate may bring huge hail stones damaging roofs. Not worryproof GERARD roofs! Our roofing system is resistant to damage from hail stones up to 30 mm. 



50-year weatherproof warranty

Gerard pressed steel roofs come with a 25-year full weatherproof warranty
, plus a diminishing pro-rata warranty for a further 25 years.

Depending on local regulations warranty conditions may vary in certain countries. For proper warranty conditions please contact your local GERARD representative or distributor.


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5. We are done! Enjoy your house with GERARD roof!

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