How shall i chose the right colour to my house?

The roof is a large part of a home, so choosing a colour can be a big decision for a homeowner.  It is great if you can use an online RoofConfigurator which can visualise your roof. How lucky you are that we have one!J Please click to GERARD’s Roof Configurator.

But if you would like to think this important topic over we’ve prepared some ideas from the experts to help you choose your roof colour.

    • Roof Colours

      Experiment with contrasting colours or choose subtler differences when picking your roof colour.  The one thing you want to avoid is an exact match. The difference in colour is what makes an exterior colour scheme work. If you’re repainting your house as well, consider choosing your roof colour first, as there are more paint choices than roof colours available.  Remember a roof provides around 30% of the overall visual effect of your house so it’s important to get the colour right!  Put samples of the roof colour swatches against your painted walls to get the right match. 

The Details

You’ll be amazed by how much of a difference the details like gutters, fascia, eaves and downpipes make. Most colour consultants agree that matching gutters and roof colours is the best approach because, with few exceptions, gutters and downpipes are not stylistic elements of the house and the less noticeable they are the better.

  • Heat and Sunlight on your roof

    Your roof will absorb heat from the sun and transfer it to your house. Lighter colours are more reflective than darker colours, so if you go a few shades lighter in your choice of roof colours, you can help keep your house cooler. You don’t need to go overboard and choose a white roof, though. Don’t forget about insulation either as this is your best protection against heat and cold.

  • Other tips for choosing a colour

    The profile and pitch of the roof as well as the environment your house is in can play a substantial role in the overall look of your home.

    Once the roof colour has been chosen a simple tip to ensure that it works effectively with the rest of the home is to repeat the same colour in smaller amounts around the property in up to three different locations (e.g. the letterbox, the garden shed and the garage door or the front fence). Placing the colour in other areas, particularly at the front of the property, will give the home a balanced feel.

    Don’t rely on the colours in a brochure; it’s hard to match printing to actual paint, so ask for swatches of the colours.