• As the saying goes a dog is for life, not just for Christmas. Neither is a roof. Choosing a roof is a long term decision. Think about what will be in keeping with the architecture of the whole house. Fashions come and go; your roof will probably be around for decades.

  • The location of your home is an important factor. If you are near the coast or in an area known for high wind or extreme weather with a lot of snow, you should look for a roofing system that will help minimize potential problems with corrosion, leaks or system failure. We happen to know one extreme weather resistant roofing system;)

  • More seriously, roofing is a specialist, stand-alone trade. It’s not a job for a general builder or a DIY guru. Make sure you don’t give this job to a friend who claims to be a jack of all trades.

  • Roof quotations can be complex and deceptive. Make sure yours include all costs – such as building paper, roof battens, labor cost and other roof-related materials – so you can compare ‘like with like’.

  • Investigate your options before you decide. The first step is research – on the web, on foot, over the phone and in conversations with other homeowners. This section – Learn About Roofs – is designed to help with your roofing system research, so that you can make a decision you’ll be happy to live with for decades to come.