What do i need to know about estimates?

An estimate needs to be done onsite by a qualified roofing installer. They need to be able to assess the state of your current roof, measure for a new roof, and look at access to both your property and the roof to be able to provide an accurate estimate. To find easily a qualified roofer installer click to Find a roofer near you. In case you would like to quickly calculate now a rough cost estimate click to our Roof Calculator.

There are lots of variables that can go into a detailed roof estimate and every roof is unique – that’s why you’ll need to get an expert to come onsite to get it right. However, we’ve listed common things that affect the final estimate.

  • Existing damage to the roof.

    If your roof has already started leaking into the roof space, it could increase the costs to replace it, with insulation or internal structures potentially needing to be replaced.

  • Size of the roof.

    Larger roofs are generally more expensive; however the cost per square metre can reduce with a larger roof.

  • Product choice.

    The profile, finish and colour you choose can affect cost, because some choices are more expensive than others.

  • Design complexity.

    As a rule, the more corners your roof has, the greater the cost. Chimneys, skylights, narrow hips and raking cuts will increase roofing costs.

  • Location & Site access.

    Freight costs and proximity to your nearest installer can affect cost, and unusual or difficult to access sites may require special equipment.

  • Roof pitch and rafter spaces.

    Roofs with a higher pitch or larger rafter spaces generally cost more. With two-storey homes, the cladding and pitch govern the type of flashings required for the top storey.

  • Changing roof type.

    If you are changing between different roof types, this can require new structures like battens or purlins to be installed.

How shall i compare different estimates to pick the best one?

When you have a couple of estimates completed, you may find that they vary significantly in cost.  It can be tricky to understand why, so we’ve put together a handy little checklist of important pieces of information that should be on your estimate, which can help you compare between them:

  • Have they listed the profile (shape of roof), material and colour you’ve requested?
  • Is the estimate for supply and installation of the new roof?
  • Does the estimate include gutters, downpipes and flashings (for all penetrations such as chimneys, skylights or vent pipes)?
  • Does the estimate include all rivets/nails/screws for the job?
  • Does the estimate include roof underlay at the right quality?
  • Does the estimate include the addition of battens or purlins if you’re changing your roof type?
  • Does the estimate include removal and disposal of your current roof?
  • If you need council consent, is this included in your estimate, or do you have to arrange this yourself?
  • Is the warranty both for material and installation/workmanship?
  • Does your estimate include edge protection or scaffolding (a legal requirement in some countries)?
  • Do you need to engage a builder to remove any weatherboards so flashings can be replaced?
  • What is excluded on the estimate?
  • Do they have insurance to cover their work?
  • Does it include VAT?

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