What is the typical duration of a reroofing job?

This depends on the size and/or complexity of the roof and on the roofing material: a small, uncomplicated roof job can be finished in two days; whereas a large, complex project can take around a week. Once started, a job should not be interrupted for any reason other than weather. However, if a problem arises in the process, it might be necessary to halt the work to negotiate any changes to your agreement.

  1. Set up scaffolding/edge protection
  2. Remove the old roof
  3. Inspect roof structure for defects
  4. Prepare roof surface (Drip edge, underlay) - Install insulation when required (this is often cheaper to install when the roof is being replaced, rather than at a later date)
  5. Install new structures like battens or purlins if necessary
  6. Install your new roofing including loading up materials, laying the roofing, ridging, flashings, pointing nails/rivets and sealants (depending on your roofing product choice)
  7. Finish, site clean-up and final inspection

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