Gerard’s unique CHIP

The stonechip is sized and applied to the roofing tile in such a way that we ensure excellent coverage of the basecoat. A range of colours based on mineral binder and mineral pigments selected for durability to water, UV and acid rain, provide both an attractive appearance of the roofing tile, and protection of the basecoat. 

Samples have shown over 30 years exposure life

Is it not clay roof? Not concrete? Metal!? No way!

Carefully selected stonegranules provide an excellent surface coverage and attractive natural looking and lasting colours for corrosion-resistant metal GERARD roofing tiles. Coloured granules are produced from the crushing of an opaque silico-aluminous metamorphic rock.

The coloration layer on the base particle is a hard coating based on mineral binder and mineral pigments cured at app. 500 0 C. It provides long lasting performance for the ageing on the roof. Carefully selected heat resistant and UV stable pigments possess attractive colours and offer colourfast coating system.

The supplier of stonegranule is an established leader in production of coloured mineral granules. They are on the market for more than 50 years. They have a technical, commercial and logistic structure that provides effective solutions for shipping to more than fifty countries worldwide.

Your roof is covered. With stone. 100%.

100% chip coverage of GERARD roofs is thanks to the unique adhesive properties of our basecoat. As a result stone chips will remain on the tile for the life of the tile providing you a beautiful roof for decades


Direct competitors have no complete chip coverage. That is the reason they need to match the colour of their basecoat with the chip colour.

Gerard’s unique CHIP