Gerard’s unique CHIP

Samples have shown over 30 years exposure life

Is it not clay roof? Not concrete? Metal!? No way!

Volcanic stone chips from the beautiful New-Zealand.

It gives your roof a natural irresistible aesthetic appeal.

Do you have special colour requests?

Where other colours are required than the limited range of natural colours, the same durable natural rock is ceramic coated.  The Ceramic Coating is made using heat stable, lightfast pigments that provide a durable and colourfast coating. The pigments are fused onto the granules at 900 degrees Celsius with a silicate (glass) and clay binder system.


Samples have shown over 30 years exposure life without colour change. This coating process is carried out by GERARD at its own premises to ensure consistency and quality.

The benefit of using the best roofing materials is a lasting beauty upon your house.

GERARD worryproof roof protects your house and look handsome in the process for decades. That’s what we call a "beautiful bodyguard".

Your roof is covered. With stone. 100%.

100% chip coverage of GERARD roofs is thanks to the unique adhesive properties of our basecoat. As a result stone chips will remain on the tile for the life of the tile providing you a beautiful roof for decades


Direct competitors have no complete chip coverage. That is the reason they need to match the colour of their basecoat with the chip colour.