Material Structure

What is the secret sauce behind GERARD’s 50 year warranty?

Our secret sauce is the protective layer of aluminum-zinc (55% aluminum, 43,4% zinc and 1,6% silicon) on the steel body. It makes GERARD metallic roof tiles light, strong and corrosion resistant. We pioneered the use of Aluminum–Zinc in steel roof tiles and this means the way we make Gerard Roofs is unique. This powerful alloy combines the sacrificial protection of zinc, as used in galvanising, with the natural barrier protection of aluminium. In almost every environment, Gerard pressed steel roofing provides superior performance and a significantly longer service life than galvanised or zinc-aluminum (95% zinc, 5% aluminum) coated steel roofs.


In our manufacturing process the tiles are pressed first before the painted or stone chip coating is applied and then baked, which contributes significantly to the durability of the tiles coating. After our tiles have been pressed, a super tough polymer acrylic coating is then baked onto the tile. This process of coating and baking after pressing ensures a continuous, even coating and prevents micro-cracking that can occur in the bends of steel roof products that are painted first and then pressed or rolled into shape.. Our textured tiles are finished with beautiful natural stone chips and clear acrylic overglaze which provides a lovely, shiny finish.


The result is a beautiful worryproof GERARD roof!

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