Special applications

Special applications

There are houses that are different from the rest. These are special houses.

• They may have a lower pitch.

• The may have an attic for their residents.

• They may be in a special location: up in the mountains.

Maybe you have a special house too.
Great! We have a special roof.
Read below what GERARD can offer you for your special roofing requirements.

Special applications


GERARD® tiles are covered with textured, natural stone chips embedded in a thick acrylic base layer, which adds thickness to the steel layer and limits the noise of rainfall.

The sound of hail will also be muffled. The small size of the panels and the fasteners in each row of battens prevent sound waves from spreading throughout the roof. Finally, the interlocking system, with roofing tiles overlapping one another, also minimises the transmission of sound.

But let a satisfied customer say what he thinks:

“The benefit of GERARD compared with other lightweight roofs is that due to the stone coating, noise protection is much better and it also looks very attractive! Noise protection was vital for us since we live in the attic and did not want to suffer from a noisy roof. We have already had lots of visitors who wanted to see the new roof and it blew their minds, to be honest.”

Mr Zoltán Sebestyén, Érd, Hungary

Special applications


GERARD® tiles can be installed on roofs with a low slope. The technical minimum slope is limited to 16% (9°). For technical approval, however, the limit is 21% (12°), depending on the model. Roof lengths may be up to 20 metres.

The shape of the tiles and the pressing technology ensure that they are watertight both transversely and longitudinally. The system of small panels fastened with staggered joints creates the watertight seal needed on low-pitch roofs. GERARD® metal tiles are raised at the edges, which creates a perfect seal even in strong winds.

Special applications


In mountainous areas, roofs must be able to meet very specific challenges in order to deliver on their promise of security and durability. GERARD® Tile roofs possess these qualities.

For years, this system has been certified as a mountain roofing solution with proven climatic resistance and an aesthetic that matches the look of mountain roofs.

Compared with conventional cladding in steel sheeting or plates, the benefits of GERARD®Tiles are substantial, given their ease of installation and their elimination of snow stops.

With their solid, appealing look and natural stone cladding, the colours do not fade due to UV radiation. The small panels are easy to transport to sites where access is difficult. A pallet of GERARD® Tiles provides 115 m2 of cladding.

GERARD® Tile metal roofs do not require snow stops. The many examples of roofs installed in mountainous areas and tests conducted to date confirm that these roofs are even resistant to heavy snow loads and perform well at maintaining snow cover, even on very steep slopes. The granules of the natural stone coating serve the same function as snow stops. During the thaw, the melt-water drains away under the snow through the stone granules. The snow melts while remaining on the roof.

If you have an even more special house which we have not covered here, please contact our sales reps. We trust GERARD can solve your problem too!