2 Must-have features to help you own the most beautiful roof plus 1 thing you have hardly thought about

What Would the Roof of Your Dreams Look Like?

When people think of beautiful roofs, they may be looking for the right colours first.

Is the roof of your dreams red?

Or black?

Or is it a combination of two colours? Or more?

You’ll find them all with GERARD. We offer you 25 stunning colours you can choose from.

The fact that you will be able to find the right colour in our wide palette may come as no surprise to you. This is a must-have feature, no questions asked.


What Would Be the Perfect Shape of Your Roof?

Secondly, when people are searching for the right beautiful roof they want to see the desired shapes and profiles.

Do you prefer traditional wavy lines?

Are you following the latest trends of square shapes with straight lines?

Do you want to see something bold or elegant?

No doubt, you will find the right shape among our 7 profiles.

Nothing surprising here either.


Now, the One Thing You Have Hardly Thought About!

Usually people, as well as companies, like the status quo and are less willing to change things.

Not at GERARD.

We always want to surpass all obstacles in our quest for the most beautiful and strong roof. We are willing to take chances and innovate.

We want to give you the most beautiful roof, whose beauty is not disturbed by anything.

Not by strange colours.

Not by odd shapes and profiles.

And not by…

(here comes the important detail most other roof brands have not solved for you)


Snow stoppers. Yes. Snow stoppers.


What Would Make a Roof Nearly Perfect?

Few people think of snow stoppers as something that can affect the beauty of their roofs.

But they can. Just think of it.

Do those snow stoppers not look strange on roofs from Spring to Autumn?

Imagine, wouldn’t those roofs look amazing without snow stoppers?

Have a look below at a GERARD reference roof without snow stoppers.

2 Must-have features to help you own the most beautiful roof plus 1 thing you have hardly thought about

GERARD   • Profile: Senator   • Colour: Eclipse


Thanks to our natural volcanic stonechip coating no snow stoppers are needed for an inclination of up to 45 degrees.


Because the stonechip creates a rough surface, which can hold the snow in its place till it melts. 

It is easy, protects safely and looks great. 


Now, just imagine your roof 

in your favourite colour, 

in the most handsome profile,

and without snowstoppers.


Wouldn’t that be your most beautiful roof?

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