Gerard roof viewer


The million-dollar question for every houseowner.

Gerard roof viewer


Either designing a new-build or planning a reroofing we are all desperate to find out, which roof tile colour and shape are the right match for our house. Dark and elegant or warm and cosy colours? Sleek modern profiles or a charming country waves and curves?

You must not leave that to your imagination! Don’t need to when there is useful tool for it!

Honestly, have you ever stood in front of your house with a roofing manufacturer’s catalogue in your hand trying to see how your house would look with your favourite roof tiles? You compared the colour of the future roof with the windows, walls and doors but it felt it was just not the right method.

That is the reason that we decided to help people with this challenge. After years of development we launched our latest, brand new tool



Gerard roof viewer


If you want to see your desired roof on your house, this tool will do just that for you. And what you will love about it the most is that it’s



How does it work?

Well, why not to see it for yourself? On this link here you can go ahead and give it a go right now! However, we are happy to introduce you the main features in 4 steps, which may help you with your first experience with our Roof Visualizer.


1.) STEP: Choose the right house picture!

Just simply upload a photo of your house and you can add your favourite GERARD roof tile profile and colour to it. Easier said than done, therefore we prepared a rather useful video tutorial for you. You can watch it straight away and you will know how to apply GERARD roof to your own house via our Roof Viewer. Just click here for the tutorial.

But if you are a comfortable type then you don’t even need to get up from your chair to take a photo because you can select a house picture from the gallery of the program, which looks similar to your home.


Upload the picture of your own house...

Gerard roof viewer


...or choose one from preselected options (similar to your house)!

Gerard roof viewer


2.) STEP: Choose a roof profile and colour!

Can I pick any profile and colour from the whole range of GERARD roofs?
Yes, you can!

Isn’t it wonderful? You can go through all combinations available combining profiles and colours late into the night when the rest of the family is already asleep. But as far as you are concerned you are having a great time!

Finally, seeing your house with all different matches you only dreamt about until now.

Gerard roof viewer


3.) STEP: Compare your top 2 roof choices in one picture!

Finally, we got here! This is our favourite feature. You cannot decide between the trendy, cold colour and the friendly, warm one? What about going for them both?

Having your roof half elegant and half cosy you can really feel the difference. That will help you to see which style goes best with your house shape, colour and character.

Gerard roof viewer


4.) STEP: The practical features

Once your only wish is to go to bed after you tried – who know how many – combinations you may want to do a few practical things. You may be pondering about things like:

- „It would be nice to save this combination.”

- „Oh, I must share this right now with my spouse via social.”

- „Could I get a calculation about roof materials?”

- „I like my project so much – can I ask for its offer?”

We hope, we are reading your mind here. All of these options are possible with the practical features.

Gerard roof viewer


So, anyone ready for a great ride? Make your dream roof with our Roof Viewer.


Fasten your seatbelts, here it comes!