Reroofing in partnership with nature

The new roof is towering confidently now over its neighbourhood like a mountain that stepped forward from the surrounding forest. But it was not always like this. Hotel Klimczok is a perfect example of how the natural stone coated GERARD roof can fit into the natural landscape.

Reroofing in partnership with nature


How shall we choose a new roof for an iconic building in the midst of nature?

That was exactly the question that caused a headache for owners and contractors alike.

The famous Klimczok hotel in Szczyrk, Poland, is a tourist and ski resort located in the Beskid Śląski mountain range. The name of the hotel comes from the formidable, forested peak that dominates the town, rising to a height of 1,117 m above sea level. The hotel building was built in the 1970s.                                                 

The original roof covering was green-painted long-run metal roof. After deciding on renovation works, the investors started looking for an appropriate material that would restore the hotel’s former splendor and at the same time blend in with the natural surroundings of the building, i.e. a dense mixed forest, finally, since the building is virtually a part of nature, it should offer a durable, environmental-friendly solution.

Reroofing in partnership with nature


The winning roof manufacturer has prevailed in all fronts

Many roofing materials and colours were considered. Different shades of gray of metal roof tiles were initially taken into account, and the advantages of products from domestic dealers and manufacturers were compared. However, from an aesthetic viewpoint nothing could be close to Corona Shake profile from GERARD in Forest Green colour, which blended just perfectly into the landscape. As its name suggests GERARD’s Forest Green is not a striking colour but a subtle shade of green providing the best natural looking option that matches well the lush surroundings.

The other key advantage offered by GERARD for investors was the convincing, market leading length of the warranty - 50 weatherproof years – backed up with over 60 years of manufacturing experience. That was a desirable peace of mind hard to resist.

Last but not least, the lightweight of the GERARD corrosionresistant metal tiles was a must among the requirements. The new covering was to be used on the existing truss and the high porosity of the panel surface thanks to the stone sprinkles were of great importance. In the Silesian Beskids region, there can be really heavy snowfall in winter, so safety is very important due to the nature of the building. The investors wanted a featherlight covering that would not burden the building’s structure.

Finally, it was desirable that the snow would remain on the roof, creating additional insulation until spring, and preventing snow slides. The rough surface of the stonecoating of GERARD roof tiles proved to be the perfect choice as it can keepssnow in its place till it melts even without show stops.


The specific shape of the roof was quite a challenge for the roofing team.

Reroofing in partnership with nature


The general contractor for the renovation works was a roofing company with many years of experience, installing a large number of GERARD roof coverings. But even for them this was a tall order. The owner of the roofing company did not hide the fact that undertaking renovation works of the hotel was a huge challenge for him. On the top of that, Hotel Klimczok is a very famous facility not only in the Silesia region but also throughout the country. They could not afford a failure on this prominent project.

The specific steel roof structure and shape of the roofing caused some difficulties during the work. However, as the contractor emphasizes, the light weight of the GERARD roof tiles made it much easier than expected to transport the panels to the highest parts of the roofing and work with them at height. It was a great help for the team.

The roof area is 1,800 square meters and almost 4,000 panels were laid during the work. Thanks to the flexibility of the Corona panel, roofers were able to perform work precisely even in the most difficult-to-reach places, and the rough stonecoated surface of the roof tiles enabled team memberes to walk on the roof relatively safer than in the case of other roof coverings.


The visual end result surprised even roofers

In 2022 the reroofing project was completed.

The overall image of the building changed with each panel installed on the roof. With each day of work, the hotel gained a new, refreshed look, and although the roofers had already dealt with our roofing, they had not previously worked with the Forest Green colour.


Reroofing in partnership with nature


After covering a significant part of the area, it was already felt that the final effect would exceed all expectations.

The result, the view of the completed new roof delighted the investors as well. During the work, random passers-by asked what kind of roofing it was and gave positive opinions about the visual aspect. All in all, every party involved were pleased with this reroofing solution.