Reroofing of a historic hospital in the mountains

There were several requirements to be met for the major reroofing project on this grand building, so that it can continue to serve for long decades and remain worthy of its stature and function.

Being a historic building and located in the high mountains the selection of roofing solutions presented a challenge: how to maintain the classic style and at the same time how to preserve the construction from the harsh environment and extreme weather.

Reroofing of a historic hospital in the mountains


To achieve these two essential goals four must-have requirements were defined for the new roof.

The 4 requirements for the successful and lasting roof replacement

  1. To be light: Being an aged, significant building all necessary measures had to be taken to maintain and spare the walls from heavy weight, therefore traditional clay or concrete roof solutions were omitted.
  2. To be strong: For protection against the forces of nature the strength and weather resistance of the new roofing was high on the list of desired features.
  1. To be durable: Simply put, the expanses of scaffolding, labour and materials, furthermore the effect of the work upon the operation of the institution could not allow a quick fix that does not last for a minimum of 50 years.
  2. To be beautiful: The majestic style and imposing size of the building deserved a roof that could be also faithful to the aesthetic heritage beloved by staff and visitors alike.

Soon have been realised that the pool of roof coverings that meet all these 4 requirements is rather limited.

Reroofing of a historic hospital in the mountains


The winner of this extraordinary roofing tender

After careful studying of available solutions a brand has become the winner of the tender, which is not unknown in this particular region, but extremely popular: the GERARD Roofing Systems.

This pressed metal roof tile manufacturer after humble but nothing less than revolutionary beginnings in New Zealand has been producing light, strong, durable and attractive roof tiles for more than 65 years. Their parent company RoofTG, a member of IKO - a pioneer and leader in the global roofing and related products industry, sells in 150+ countries and built the world’s largest pressed metal roof factory in Belgium.

Reroofing of a historic hospital in the mountains


The key to the success of this versatile roof

How did they achive this rare feast of quality, reliability and style for construction experts and modern homeowners? The secret sauce of GERARD have 3 ingredients:

Resistant steel: a special metal alloy is used as raw material, which resists corrosion.

Unique installation: the metal core of the tile combined with a stormproof,  horizontal 8-point-installation technique results in an exceptional strenght

Natural coating: finally, a layer of natural stone chips are sprinkled on top that add an attractive clay-roof-like appearance

No wonder that from hurricanes in the US via minor earthquakes in New Zealand to hailstorms in Slovenia GERARD roofs perform consistently with no dramas, no fuss, so a passing storm is just another day at the office.

The hospital that not only survived mountain storms but a world war.

Reroofing of a historic hospital in the mountains


One of Poland’s most beautiful historical buildings used to function as a Jagiellonian University Hospital-Sanatorium and was established prior to WWII to treat over 300 children. The original building was opened in 1931 after 8 years of construction. The hospital was funded by donations from private citizens, government, regional municipalities and health insurance institutions in the whole country. Between 1939 and 1945 it operated as a German military hospital. Today it is the General Clinical Hospital No 2, Clinics of Orthopedics and Rehabilitation for Children and Youth in Zakopane - part of Collegium Medicum of Jagiellonian University.

When the hospital needs rehabilitation

Reroofing of a historic hospital in the mountains


After more than half a century of heroic service, in the late 90s the time has come for the building to undergo a major refurbishment. In 2001 the modernization and extension work got started and in 2012 the replacement of the roof has become the primary objective. The Historical Monument Preservation Authority wanted to return to the original look of the building which had red concrete roof tiles.

The public tender for re-roofing was announced and after several weeks of difficult negotiations and competition with other brands the decision was made to select Heritage profile in Spanish Red from GERARD.

Reroofing of a historic hospital in the mountains


Reroofing started in July 2012 and ended in December 2012. 3500 square meters of roof was replaced besides general facade modernization.

Reroofing of a historic hospital in the mountains


Today the hospital is welcoming people in its original beauty and offers probably the most stunning reference in Poland for GERARD Roofing Systems.