The best roofing materials for reroofing in 2023

Clay, concrete, metal, asphalt shingle… how to choose the best roofing material for my house in need for roof replacement?

The best roofing materials for reroofing in 2023

Living roof is a top choice, if you are a hobbit. But as a reroofing material in 2023? Not so sure.


Reroofing is a significant investment for most homeowners. Therfore it can be tempting to make a decision by looking at roof tile m2 prices. But there is much more to a reroofing budget than that and the total sum of this cost depends on many other factors of roofing expenses. This decision should be a long term solution for your house that leaves you with a safe and beautiful home for the rest of your life. Do not rush into this purchase and regret it later! Let us help you look into the details of different roofing materials.


The advantages and disadvantages of the best roofing materials

Every roof solution has its pros and cons, and knowing them will help you make the best decision. We have done the homework for you by listing the advantages and disadvantages of the most popular roofing materials so that you can pick the best for your reroofing project.


Let’s compare the 5 most popular roofing materials!

You will easily find the best option for your reroofing because we have not just listed the different products but compared them. Each roofing material has its advantages and disadvantages and now we will reveal them for you! Let’s begin the great reroofing material comparison of 2023!



Clay roof tiles are the most popular traditional roofing solutions in Europe. They are considered by many one of the most lasting and beautiful roofs.

Advantages: When clay roof tiles are new they offer a ton of curb appeal. You can choose from a wide range of different shapes and clay rooftile profiles. For buildings with historic value or under monument protection clay tiles are preferred by authorities. It reduces rain noise pretty well too.

Disadvantages: The clay roofing tiles are heavy and can even absorb a remarkable amount of water thus they need a massive, strong roof substructure using natural resources in great quantity and increasing the costs of reroofing. In today’s extreme climate large hailstones can damage the fragile clay roofs heavily causing homeowners unexpected big bills for roof renovation as during the hailstorm in Slovenia few years ago.

Summer storms, high winds can remove clay tiles generating maintenance work and fixing expenses. For this day and age when environment protection plays a crucial role they are not the best green choice for roofing since they can be recycled in a limited way.

Furthermore, their production requires a lot of energy, consequently they are not „energy efficient’’ thus clay roofing tiles are not the most sustainable roofing material for future generations. Their scope of usage is limited by roof slope.

In areas where heavy snow is frequent, the need for snowstoppers can reduce the aesthetic appeal of clay roofs. They are not the most suitable roofing solutions for complex roof shapes either.

The best roofing materials for reroofing in 2023

Clay and concrete roofing tiles are traditional choices picked by many still today but popularity does not mean they have no reroofing disadvantages.



The concrete roof tiles are more affordable than their clay counterparts while priding themselves in similar durability superpower. Last but not least, they are not ugly to look at either.

Advantages: The colours and profiles of concrete roof tiles are available in a rich selection. Concrete roofs are relatively durable materials and the price of concrete roof tiles are often cheaper than some of its competitiors, the noise of rain is handled well.

Disadvantages: Their weight is one of its biggest letdown. You cannot get away with a light and cheap roofstructure when you are reroofing with concrete tiles, so expect high costs there! They can be broken during transportation, reroofing works or by large hailstones. You may need to count on some maintenance work after summer storms and it is not the best recyclable roofing material either.

If the slope of your roof is different from average slopes clay roofs may be not suitable for your reroofing purposes. They are not the best choice for cold, snowy areas because they are prone to crack by the frost and need extra accessories to stop snowslides. Complex roof shapes also demand a more flexible roofing solution.



Probably they are the least known in the Top 5 but they boast with remarkable benefits that can rarely be found in one roof tile.

The best roofing materials for reroofing in 2023

GERARD, a stonecoated metal roof brand, is more expensive but it is a roof solution for a lifetime.


Advantages: This is probably the best rooftile for reroofing because it is lightweight yet durable. Since these corrosionresistant metal tiles can weigh only 1/7 of heavy clay and concrete tiles they can reduce the costs of reroofing with a lighter roof substructure. The fact that it is one of the most durable roofing solution is thanks to the strong steel body, which provides the best roofprotection against hail, and to the stormproof roof installation technique. The stormproof roof is the result of the unique horizontal installation and the 8-point-fixing method.

It can take you by surprise, but metal roofs can look unexpectedly attractive when coated with stunning natural stonechips like GERARD roof tiles.

Last but not least 100% recyclable and its high score in sustainability make it one of the best environmentally-friendly roofing solution.

One last benefit: its flexiblity makes it suitable for virtually all roof shapes and slopes.

Disadvantages: Some of the concerns with metal roofs are corrosion and rain noise. In case of stonecoated GERARD roofs rain noise is reduced due the the stonelayer and the overlapping installation technique. The most durable metal roof tiles are protected from corrosion with a special alloy and protective layers used in the steelcore of the tile. It can be pricey but calculating in long term it is a smart investment. You will not need to pay twice for a new roof in your lifetime, which is guaranteed with the longest warranty on the market as well.



They are bestsellers for residential roofing in the United States, while in Europe some low quality brands have done serious damage to its reputation.

Advantages: The advantages of asphalt shingle roofs are first of all their weight and their price. Asphalt is affordable, their lightweight makes them one of the best reroofing materials available in the market first of all for quick solutions. One more reason for this is that they are easy to install as well. You can buy them in a variety of colours and types so it is easy to find the right match for your house. It enables the realisation of demanding, complicated roof shapes too.

Disadvantages: Law quality asphalt shingles are not the most durable roofing materials. however there are reliable brands with a remarkably higher performance. However, the budget brands of this roofing material are prone to damage from wind and hail, even from UV rays, which means they are a high maintenance roofing solution. The look of cheap asphalt shingles is not to everyone’s taste either.

The best roofing materials for reroofing in 2023

Asphalt shingles that come with a low price can be hidden traps for roof renovators, however leading brands like this IKO product in the picture can be a great reroofing solution.



Metal roofs can be costly but you get lightweight and durability for its higher pricetag. 

Advantages: The best reroofing solutions are often achieved in the most efficient way with light metal roof reducing your roof substructure costs. It can last longer than some other roofing material and it shouldn’t corrode with rust-protection coating. As all steel products longrun steel roof is an environmentally-friendly roofing option. A good solution in case of very low roof slope.

Disdvantages: Noise during rain is an issue for a metal tile, which is not covered with stonechips. The appearance of painted steel roofs can be a downside for some people who prefer a more traditional look.

Finally, after we got to the end of the list, let’s face the big question!



Well, that’s is your call. We are not just being polite but you are the only person who knows your house, your need and your budget. When selecting the most popular roofing materials for roof replacement you should consider:

-  the state of your house,
-  the state of your current roof,
-  your budget,
-  your taste,
-  the most important benefits of a new roof relevant in your case.

To make the right assessment of your roof we highly recommend to call a roofing expert. And hey, we can help you find one right now for probably the best roofing material for reroofing – in our opinion, the light, durable stonecoated metal roof – if you are interested.

You will know more about the cost of reroofing as well if you ask for a quote from a GERARD roofing expert.



Jože Trpin,
Technical Coordinator,
GERARD Roofing Systems